Schools and Academies

As part of the Procurement Alliance North and North East Lincolnshire (PANNEL), we can offer you impartial, specialist commercial advice, support and guidance on all aspects of best practice procurement (purchasing) by our dedicated team of qualified, insured and award winning practitioners, trained to internationally recognised  ‘Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply’ (CIPS) standards.

You can be assured that we work to your best interests to outline and obtain the services you need, selecting the best potential providers and define the most satisfactory commercial terms to protect both client and supplier.

Through our professionals extensive knowledge across a wide range of categories of goods and services commonly used by schools and academies, subscribers can take advantage of a wide network of local, regional and national suppliers and ‘best deals’ which leverage the buying power of the wider public sector.

Some of the support we can provide you with to procure a more cost effective, efficient service(s) could be, but not limited to;

  • Electricity, gas, photocopiers
  • Legal and audit compliance
  • Protects you against risks
  • Understand the impact of a badly managed/poor procurement process
  • Support that protects you against procurement risk
  • Training and guidance for existing internal processes

Benefits for your school or academy;

  • Managing the full procurement process – We will support you at the start of the process to define what you need, provide expert advice to achieve your desired outcomes by selecting the best potential providers right through to issuing the award to the preferred supplier.
  • Compliance with Procurement and European Union (EU) directives – The procurement process will be fully managed and compliant with relevant legislation, in particular the Public Contracts regulations 2006, and the EU Public Procurement Directives where applicable.
  • Value for money assurance – Ensuring we provide you a best value for money service, selecting the right supplier to meet your specifications, avoiding any pitfalls you may encounter using your internal resources.
  • Draft all documentation – Assuming responsibility for the preparation and drafting all relevant documentation, with the specification supplied by you to ensure it meets the needs of the participants involved. (Where required and agreed we will utilise the advice of NLC legal services for drafting of contracts, costs for this service would be in addition to the core offer)
    Evaluation Process management – Having developed excellent evaluation methodologies, which remain fair and objective to each supplier. We provide an auditable record of how and why decisions were taken.
  • Issue and receipt of applications and tenders – Our professionals will formally issue and receive all documentation at the formal tender stage. The tender process will be openly advertised via the council’s e-tendering system ( Where this is not possible due to the market level of response and ability for that market to respond via web-based tools, the option of a paper based tendering process can be used.
  • Manage official correspondence and award procedure – Managing the formal process of issuing and receiving all official correspondence at the tender stage, along with each subsequent award stage.
  • Onsite support (where appropriate) by an enhanced officer – Having an officer who can provide onsite support to provide advice and guidance, you can be assured that you will have the best outcome for your business.
  • Dedicated helpline (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) – Assured professional advice by our qualified practitioner, supporting and advising through each stage of the procurement process.