Schools and Academies Service Offers

Schools and academies could save a significant amount of money through better procurement alone……………

The pressures on schools and academies to make good procurement decisions, effective planning and appropriate acquisition of goods and/or services that are value for money, is essential for the education and well-being of the pupils.

Why do schools or academies need procurement (purchasing) services? So you can save money by getting the best value, quality products and/or services for your school.

As a public sector organisation, procurement within schools and academies are rigorously regulated and need to be compliant with auditing standards. This can be a very challenging process for staff undertaking a procurement process, ensuring you adhere to legal parameters in which the procurement must take place.

Schools and academies can decide which level of service they require.

Standard Package

We can offer your school or academy:

  • Friendly, impartial, specialist commercial advice, support and guidance from CIPS qualified professionals.
  • Access to a catalogue of common-use contracts that lever collaborative buying power e.g. electricity and natural gas contracts, photocopier.
  • One half day procurement training session for your selected delegate.
  • Professional advice on procurements up to £25k in value
  • Electronic copy of the councils mini guide
  • Electronic copy of the council’s comprehensive Corporate Procurement Manual of Guidance (update annually)
  • Access to electronic procurement resources required for procurements

Enhanced Package

We can offer an ad-hoc service, for when you need professional support for your projects (including complex tendering process) and help when time/resources are limited for conducting quotations and tenders.

We can offer this on a daily rate tariff which will cover the following;

We can offer your school or academy:

  • Friendly, dedicated impartial, specialist commercial advice, support and guidance from CIPS qualified professionals
  • Major procurement project support e.g. fully managed service
  • One full day procurement training session for one delegate
  • Access to electronic procurement resources, tender documentation for example
  • Access to the council’s electronic quotation/tendering system, including training
  • Commercial assessment for your soft market testing projects
  • Benchmarking against value for money indicators
  • Online auction tools for commercial use to reduce cost
  • Contract negotiation
  • Commercial legal advice (via a legal SLA)
  • Bespoke training

By working with a trusted reliable not for profit organisation you can be assured that we will provide you with the best value for your money and put you in control of your procurement spending.

If you would like to know more on how we can support and guide you through your procurement process, prices of support packages or general procurement advise, please contact us;